Massage oils


The selection and marriage of oils is an important consideration for me. It is a process in constant evolution, enriched over the course of my travels and encounters in the four corners of France. I collaborate with committed French producers, aware of the sacred link that we must maintain with the vegetal world.


As an olfactory invitation to an inner journey, this oil comes from the combination of three endemic plants from the Island of Beauty. The magic, calm and serenity of the Corsican forests are felt and felt in this synergy, as if to allow a deep reconnection to our nature. The delicate and fine scent of Pine Laricio is a call for grounding and meditation, for emptying oneself to rise to the height of this majestic tree, king of the forests of Tartagine and Asco. This time of introspection will be favored by the slightly woody and tangy smell of the famous Petit Grain Clémentinier, the zen oil par excellence. The base note provided by Green Myrtle gives this oil an olfactory roundness inspiring us to explore its inner light. A fresh and suave synergy , with a nice balance of woody and citrus notes. The ideal recipe for a meditative journey to the heart of oneself.


This creation is the result of a deep desire: to offer to each person who wishes it, the precious help of Mother Nature. It is through the marriage of three Corsican plants that I invite you on this path of collaboration. Traditionally recommended to detoxify the liver, clean the emunctories and clear the airways, Rosemary with Verbenone invites itself here to cleanse your inner house while strengthening your ability to concentrate. Endemic to the Corsican mountains, and growing from an altitude of 1200m, the Dwarf Juniper will promote the circulation of energy. A revival sustained by strength and courage, like the laurel wreath adorned by Apollo, Julius Caesar and Napoleon 1st. The Noble Laurelwill give confidence to those who underestimate their abilities. By developing intuition, it will lead you on the path to success. The body and the soul are thus purified, the spirit is rid of its waste and poisons, freed from grudges and old anger. A fresh, woody and striking marriage, encouraging us to move, to overcome our limits and our fears. A call to become the hero of your own rebirth.

Oil " My Love"

Like an ode to love for my adopted region, this synergy is an intimate declaration to this incredible nature of the Mediterranean basin. A true invitation to travel, Spearmint is a powerful nervous calming agent whose delicate chlorophyll scent is a precious help in case of fatigue and stress. This gentle stroll continues with an exceptional soothing, Fine Lavender. Flagship plant of our beautiful region of Provence, it accompanies us on the path of forgiveness and emotional healing, gently. This Mediterranean parenthesis ends with one of the most majestic trees in the basin: the Atlas Cedar. The power and certainty emanating from the man who is called the abode of the gods on Earth, in Greek mythology, brings an extremely rare spell to this synergy. The elevation of your energies is then triggered for an unforgettable escape. Between softness and power, this creation is an invitation to find peace in oneself, harmony and balance.


Each of the three oils is bound by the same vegetable base. The marriage of two plants: hemp and jojoba. I wanted to blend hemp with “Desert Gold” to obtain a fluid, dry and slightly herbaceous oil. Two ancestral plants with a thousand virtues, whose beneficial effects on health are widely proven.

From this precious union, 3 variations, 3 invitations to travel that you will have the privilege of choosing during each Intuitive Parenthesis.

Since 2018, I have been supplying myself with oil and equipment from Compagnie des Sens, a Lyon-based startup specializing in Aromatherapy. A team of experts in the field, respectful of producers and the planet , with high standards regarding product quality. They are the ones who opened the doors to this fabulous world of plants to me more than 5 years ago.

A first collaboration was born in 2021 following my meeting with Arnaud Pilet, hemp producer in the Ardennes region. From the union between his biodynamic farm and hemp he created the Arduina product line, in reference to the goddess of nature, mother of animals and plants in Celtic mythology. In a haven of green and vibrant nature, Arnaud cultivates this ancestral plant linked to the lunar cycles. Its medicinal properties make it a true gift of nature. Base of all my olfactory creations, it will bring a herbaceous and fresh heart to each trip. A magical plant that I wanted to unite with the authentic and wild character of Corsican nature.

When I discovered the Isle of Beauty in 2022, I immediately wanted to co-create with the powerful vibrations of the Corsican maquis. It was during a craft market that the connection was made with Hélène, one of the founders of Intimu. Meaning "Deep Nature" in the Corsican language, I was won over by the sensible, reasonable, healthy and ecological cosmetics of this Cap Corse distillery. With his companion Laurent, they pick and transform aromatic plants to reveal their deep nature . You will find during parentheses the essence of endemic plants of Corsica such as Immortelle , Pine Lariciu , Myrtle , Dwarf Juniper, and many others.




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À très vite, Thomas.