My world

Curious and passionate about so-called soft medicine, I specialize in body therapy through the practice of well-being massage and energy care.

Lover of Life and Nature, I am convinced that our physical body must be considered a sacred temple, it is our home. We have within each of us, and within our reach on this Earth, the means to heal this house and all that composes it. And for that, it is important to move forward at your own pace

By discovering the art of touch practiced for millennia in the great Eastern, Essene or Western traditions, a new world opened up to me. That of taking into account the Human being both in his physical, energetic and emotional sphere. Each cell constituting us is a part of our History and influences who we are at this precise moment.

I could easily quote you the various trainings, readings and meetings that feed my daily practices, but ultimately that does not sum up who I am.

Je suis avant tout un homme de 32 ans, passionné par l’Univers et les différentes Lois qui le constitue. Ma plus grande conviction est que finalement nous ne savons pas grand-chose de tout ce qui nous entoure. Malgré cela, j’ai la foi que tout est juste et arrive pour une certaine raison.

I feel connected to our Earth, to the Moon and to the stars of the Universe, it's part of me. I feel guided, protected, loved, by myself and this precious intuition. I have a deep respect for Nature, and the different kingdoms composing it. I am both frightened by certain situations and amazed by others, but above all I see the beauty in everything and everyone

I am intuitive , dreamy , creative and it is through my care that I have found the way to fully express my Love for all that is.

Here is my reality, welcome to you.

With Love,


Valuable lessons

For 5 years where I explore Life as a well-being masseur, I have the chance to pass the door of unique schools and to grow with exceptional trainers, both in their intellectual knowledge and in their human qualities. Each of them, in their own way, inspired me, transmitted with passion and love, the language of touch and the magic to which it gives us access.

Thanks to Sandra, Olivier, Lise, Nathalie & Fred for giving birth to this passion for massage in me through the human and holistic teachings of the Cassiopee Institute.

I would also like to thank Annabelle, a passionate and so talented woman of heart who, through her teachings at the Pro Touch Academy, brought to my consciousness a new dimension of touch.

From yippee to Benoit, as he puts it so well, for sharing his gentle and benevolent universe, awareness of the magic that constitutes and surrounds us through the unique courses of the Enfamataya Institute.

I am deeply grateful to Myriam & Gilles from Sourire à la Vie for their support on my life path, the sincerity of the moments experienced and the teaching of ancestral practices that I had the honor of following.

Meetings never happen by chance, and it is with immense gratitude and deep respect for each of them, for Life, that I honor through each of my practices , the teachings they give me. transmitted from the heart.

My experiences

Prestigious places

Passionate about the world of well-being and tourism, I naturally turned to the activity of luxury hotel spas. I thus discovered a deeply human and benevolent world, beyond appearances and what it can sometimes represent. It is also a world of enthusiasts, creative minds and people wishing to work towards the development of a new way of life where well-being is one of the foundations. I learned from these people the importance of detail, the art of taking care of others with beauty and elegance. Thank you to the directors of these incredible places of well-being for their trust, their kindness and the sharing of their precious know-how.

My services, as a well-being masseur, are also available in these legendary establishments on the Côte d'Azur.


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Le cabinet ouvrira à nouveau ses portes à partir du Samedi 2 Décembre 2023. Vous pouvez réserver directement votre Parenthèse sur ce site en ligne, ou me contacter par mail pour toute demande de soins.

Les chèques cadeaux commandés pendant cette période seront envoyés à mon retour, dès le 1er Décembre.

Je vous souhaite à toutes et tous un merveilleux mois de Novembre.

À très vite, Thomas.