Each session will begin with a moment of listening and discussion 

You'll be free to bring up whatever topic you want, whether it's physical pain, an uncomfortable emotion, or a lingering thought. This moment is precious, for you as for me, in order to establish a relationship of trust and transparency. This will also allow me to get to know you better, and then to adapt the treatment so that it is the most appropriate to your current needs.

During the treatment, the awakening of your senses, your comfort and the respect of your intimacy will be the elements allowing you to let go and allow you to receive the benefits of the practice.

A time to return to oneself is planned at the end of each parenthesis, accompanied by a hot or fresh drink, in silence or in the exchange, according to your desire.


Payments are made at the end of each session, either by credit card, check, cash or PayPal. If necessary, invoices will be sent by email. All prices are indicated (including VAT) on the pages of each parenthesis.

A massage reimbursed by your health insurance? It's possible. Some mutuals consider that the effects of the massage justify reimbursing them, in part or in full, as an act of prevention. Find out about yours


Relationships are based on listening and kindness, and the information exchanged during the sessions is confidential.

The rules of hygiene, the comfort of the equipment and the respect of everyone are essential commitments for me. All the oils used come from organic farming.

These services have no therapeutic purpose and are in no way related to a medical practice or within the scope of masso-kinesitherapy. The advice given during the sessions cannot replace ongoing medical treatment.


For any question or reservation request, I invite you to contact me via this form :




Le cabinet ouvrira à nouveau ses portes à partir du Samedi 2 Décembre 2023. Vous pouvez réserver directement votre Parenthèse sur ce site en ligne, ou me contacter par mail pour toute demande de soins.

Les chèques cadeaux commandés pendant cette période seront envoyés à mon retour, dès le 1er Décembre.

Je vous souhaite à toutes et tous un merveilleux mois de Novembre.

À très vite, Thomas.