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In a context where professional life has suddenly turned upside down and stress has become the number one enemy of our health, well-being in the workplace is becoming an important and decisive issue in our society. Among the solutions offered by well-being specialists, the practice of seated massage is on the rise. This massage is part of what is called “the stress management policy and the prevention of burn-out (professional exhaustion syndrome)” . It is an effective and easy-to-implement choice to help reduce psychosocial risks in the workplace.

What is the seated massage ?

Amma, more commonly known as seated massage in Europe, comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine and means “to soothe with the hands ”. This practice uses various techniques such as friction, pressure, sweeping, kneading and percussion performed on the entire back , shoulders and arms. This seated massage is received fully clothed on an ergonomic chair that perfectly supports the body and invites you to complete relaxation. Its soothing and energizing effect is suitable for a very wide audience. It can, among other things, help reduce nervous excitability, relieve stress and lead to a general state of well-being.

les bienfaits

  • Reduction of  physical and psychological tensions 
  • Better management of fatigue and stress
  • Better concentration
  • Increased efficiency and creativity
  • Good group dynamics


Introducing seated massage in a company means generating a virtuous circle at the individual and collective level; it means adopting a winning plan for the employees as well as for the manager.

lA pratique à intégrer dans votre entreprise

Un An effective massage
The seated massage combines relaxation and energy, the precision of the gestures brings immediate muscle relaxation. The work of releasing tensions is done at the level of the back, shoulders and cervical.

A short break
The service lasts between 15 and 30 minutes per person, depending on the formula chosen. The time slot is chosen to best suit the schedule of each employee. A quick but effective break.

Une pratique pour à tous les espaces

A surface of 6 m² is enough to install the equipment and perform the massage. The fact of receiving this massage dressed does not pose any problem related to intimacy.

A value-for-money service for everyone 

This personalized service is perceived by employees as a gesture of recognition, a benevolent act. Taking care of your team is the best way to make it effective.


– Services into the Nice / Grasse / St Raphaël area

– Choose between 3 formulas : 15, 20 or 30 min per person (the duration includes the welcome, the presentation of the massage, the usual questions on the state of health, the installation, the massage itself and the smooth return)

Fill out the form with all the information so that I can quickly send you a personalized quote.

Organize the massages as it suits you : by appointment or “as you go”. If you choose to make an appointment, I can send a table beforehand so that everyone can better integrate the massage session into their schedule.

– On D-Day , plan my arrival at your premises and the availability of the massage space 20 minutes before the start of the service for my installation. I bring all the equipment necessary for the practice (ergonomic chair, hygiene equipment, etc.). According to the wishes, a soft musical & olfactory atmosphere will be created.

Payment by invoice, 30 days.


For any question or reservation request, I invite you to contact me via this form :




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